Nastasha Drobnica

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Nastasha Drobnica

Nastasha Drobnica is a documentary filmmaker and video producer based in Oakland, CA.

Her first short documentary, "After the Credits," screened at the Truth Be Told film festival in NYC-a portrait of the ethereal little world that existed inside the doors of Manhattan's last video store rental shop.  She is currently working on her first feature length film about a Bay Area woman in her 30's who has been fighting colon cancer for the last 8 years.  Part poetic, part ethnographic, this documentary film explores what it means to heal, to fight, to live, and to die- and about the community that has both supported and been affected byone woman's inspirational story. 

For 3 years Nastasha worked in NYC for GritTV and the Laura Flanders Show.  Here she acted as studio director, event/conference video producer, she covered protests, and created feature video content and a documentary series showcasing the worker- cooperative movement and alternative economies. 

For the last 5 years, Agnes Grey Productions has been creating promotional, documentary-style website videos in the fields of non-profit, journalism, education, and science/research.

Her experience in documentary lends to a natural, human and cinematic aesthetic to her style and coverage.  Her filming approach is non-invasive and grounded in developing real relationships with the participants in her videos.  In doing so, she believes it is possible to explore truth and beauty in the bigger questions of life.

AGP also produces wedding videos, with a documentary, cinematic, old-home video style feel and films event coverage videos, panel discussions, product demo videos and even a kids cooking show. 

While she is willing to travel to any destination, she works most often out of San Francisco Bay Area and New York.